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Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Sugar Free Day 10

Well it has been 10 days since I gave up sugar. I have also been low-carb in so much that I've given up dry carbs like flour and grains. I am not eating fruit at the moment as it gives me a sugar spike but might introduce it later on.

It took about a week to get enough energy back to work out again. It was TTOM on Saturday and a shocker, but felt much improved by Sunday.

I didn't make weigh in again tonight. I had a headache and lots of work to do. I am strangely not interested in what the scales are saying. My body looks great, my stomach is flat and my smallest clothes are fitting.

My scales say 59.5 kgs so I don't really need WW validation. I will continue my monthly weigh ins to maintain my LTM but can ease up on the weekly attendance. When I remembered that I don't usually drink water after lunch-time on weigh in day it hit me how I was just manipulating the result - and for what?

Not much else to report because my obsession with food seems to be diminishing day by day. As long as I eat my protein, have good fats, no added sugar and heaps of veges my hunger remains in check.

If you try this approach, please don't give up during the first week - believe me if was tough!! But now I am feeling better and better each day. A bit like a recovering drug addict I suspect. Maybe I am addicted to carbohydrates after all...

By the way - there are some amazing things you can make with protein powder - even pancakes - and tofu is my new best friend. I have also discovered sugar free dark chocolate which doesn't taste bitter at all and once piece is more than enough!!

Still not convinced that I can do this forever - the interesting part will be to find the point where increasing my carb intake causes me to gain the water weight I have lost from limiting the carbs. I am also planning a special sweet treat sometime on or around Xmas so I will be interested to see if I can have one meal "off" and then return to this way of eating.

Sounds like a challenge, sounds dangerous ... not ready for it yet though. Who knows, I might forget all about it ...

I am feeling so freed from thinking about my next meal all the time. It's amazing ... it really is a whole mind shift that I didn't expect.

And today was Melbourne Cup celebrations and the afternoon tea didn't even register as a temptation nor as a deprivation - weird eh??

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