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Thursday, 2 November 2006

Sugar Free Day 5

Day 3 was a b*tch and I don't want to go through that ever again! Just felt sick, headache, teary and grumpy as hell. Since then it has got better.

I am still somewhat tired and finding it hard to work out. In fact I haven't done weights since Monday.

I have had breakfast now and a cup of tea [I normally workout on an empty stomach] and might try a few reps after this post.

Still really enjoying no hunger. Yesterday at work, I had chicken salad for lunch and then forgot all about food until I got home in the evening. Wow - I have thought about food 24/7 for the past two years - when will I eat next, what will it be, I only get to do this 3 times a day so it has to be as much food as I can get away with etc. etc. - and yesterday, I forgot to think about it.

At this moment, I don't care if I never eat sugar or a dry carb again - I'll stick to veges, protein, yogurt and the odd nut if this is the result.

Almost as a side effect [well not really...] I have lost at least 1.5kgs over the past 5 days. It is probably more but I didn't weigh myself after my "last supper" of creamy pasta and cheesecake as I was too scared!!!

I skipped WW weigh in this week [that was Day 3 and couldn't stand the thought of all those people banging on about their weight - go figure???] but I will be interested to see how far I will get in a week at next week's weigh in.

I know everyone says its only water weight - but I'll take it. My stomach looks amazing [I can see those abs] and my thunder thighs appear to have lost about an inch!!

Now if I could just get my energy back, I would be one happy camper. I'm hoping it is still part of the sugar withdrawal process and not that I need more carbs.

Stay tuned...

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