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Friday, 22 December 2006

Compared to what??

People say that eating low carb is unhealthy and bad for you. My question is - compared to what?The only controversy I see is that it is a higher fat diet than recommended.

But let me compare what I eat to what Mr Katiep eats:
He eats sausage roll sandwiches on white bread, he eats corn chips, he eats processed meats/hot dogs, he eats chocolate mousse, he eats hot chips, and all of this in large amounts. He drinks beer by the gallon. He walks a fair bit, but has a fairly sedentary job and does no structured exercise
My husband is not overweight, he has always been slightly hyperactive.
Compared to him, I eat and exercise like a health freak.

I eat WAY less fat than he does, I eat almost no processed food and I workout at the gym at least 4 days a week.

So compared to a low fat, low calorie, all fruit and veges type of person, my diet is high in fat and I might be less "healthy" than that person.

So compared to a low fat, low calorie, deprived and hungry all the time, sugar eating, have as many treats as I can get away with, diet soda addict, binging type person [ah ... sounds like me on my 'diet'] I am far better off both physically and psychologically.

Compared to an average person, on an average diet, I am have an extremely healthy lifestyle even though 70% of my calories come from the fat in eggs, meat, cheese and olive oil. I have hard muscles, I wear an Australian size 8 [US size 6], I don't put any preservatives or additives into my body, I have stable blood sugar, I only need 7 hours sleep a night and I am 42 years old.

I am healthy compared to my husband, compared to most 42 year olds.

I am healthy - full stop!

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