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Monday, 25 December 2006

Hard Body Challenge - 5 kgs by Valentines Day - Week 1

My weight [and eating/exercise] is all over the place at the moment. I expect it has something to do with Xmas [go figure!!] but today [being a Monday] I am recommitting to losing 5 kgs by Valentine's Day.

I would love for people to join me, but I don't think that many people read by blog - but in order to avoid the humiliation of posting on a public forum and getting no responses :) I am doing it here.

Here are my rules

1. Eat less than 1400 calories a day
2. Eat less than 30g carbohydrates a day
3. Burn 300 calories in exercise everyday
4. Skip 500 jumps a day
5. Record everything on my blog
6. Officially "weigh in" every Monday morning [and try not to step on the scales in between]
7. Stay away from FRANKENFOOD

I know it sounds crazy to start this on Christmas Day, but I want a headstart on all those New Years resolution type people!!

I hope this will keep me accountable ... I will edit this everyday so there are not 31 entries in my blog this month!!


Oh - Merry Christmas everyone - see you on Valentines day at goal!!


  1. Hey Katie, I read your blog all the time hun.... I really admire your determination.
    Can I ask which low carb diet you follow if any? Or are you doing it yourself? And the no sugar thing that you did a while ago, where did you get all the information for that? Hope you dont mind all the questions!!
    Sue xxxxx

  2. Hey Sue, thanks for your support!
    I am following my own version of low carb but got all my information from reading Atkins and Protein Power. At the moment I am doing low carb, controlled calories as I have a tendency to overeat! My calories are under 1400 and carbs around 30g and protein at least 100g. Trying to eat whole foods only and taking it easy on the cheese.
    The book about sugar was Why do you overeat? When all you want is to be slim by Zoe Harcombe.
    Happy to help any way I can K xx