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Wednesday, 27 December 2006

How heavy is that ???

My new gym has failed me by deciding to close on public holidays and only working restricted hours this week. I personally think that days off from work are the perfect opportunity to work out longer and harder but I suspect I am in a minority :)

I have been walking around Blackwattle Bay these last couple of days but walking doesn't get my heart rate up enough. I can't run on normal ground [luckily treadmill is OK] because of a dodgy knee so I came up with a solution.

Yesterday I loaded my backpack with 2 x 2.5kg weights and headed out. It did the trick with the heart rate, but boy was it hard work.

This was only 5 kgs. This is the amount of weight that I am over my goal weight. No wonder I want to get back where I was. But more importantly - I was carrying around FOUR TIMES this amount for years and years. No wonder I was tired, inactive and sleeping all the time with an extra 20kg of baggage all day, everyday.

Try it for yourself. Load yourself up the weight you have lost [if you can manage all of it!! I can't] and walk up the street and back. Doesn't feel so great, does it.

I know it is great to look good, but I suspect that it is more motivating and positive to focus on how being thin/slimmer makes you feel. Some days, I would glady give away looking thin for a whole cheesecake. But there are not many days when I would trade how I feel in my new body for any amount of junk food.

Concentrate on how great you feel today compared to this time last year and this will empower you make choices that are good for your health. After all, we all know beauty is on the inside and somehow all this emphasis on looking good makes you feel slightly shallow? [... OR possibly that's just me!!!]


  1. SNAP re your comments about the gym. Mine is closed for all of the public holidays, and in between only open between 9 and 12 in the morning - hard to fit a workout in, when you can't go before work, at lunchtime or after work!
    Thank goodness I now have a reasonable set up at home to substitute!
    and no - I don't see me loading up 41kgs into a back pack for a walk!

  2. I'd just hate to put 27 kgs in a bag and carry it on my walk. I think I'd collapse.