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Saturday, 13 January 2007

Bodyfat Calculation

I found this website that calculates BF % - Biofitness
Here are my results

Age: 42
Sex: Female
Body Weight: 135
abdomen : 26
right thigh: 22
right calf : 15
Activity Level: Very Active
Body fat percentage: 15.0%
Healthy body fat standard: 23.15% (Cooper Clinic adjusted for age)
Fat weight: 20.2 lbs.
Lean weight:114.8 lbs.
Body fat level: excellent
Suggested Exercise Level: intermediate intensity
Maximum Daily Calorie Consumption for Weight Maintenance : 2060

So ... although I am furiously denying this, I might be at my goal weight. The only thing that I hang on to is that I have been 57kgs - 125lbs. And checking back on my measurements my waist has been down to 24 inches. But according to this if it was all fat loss I would only be carrying 10lbs of fat total!

Logic tells me that because I couldn't stay there, it was too lean for me. But when I look in the mirror I still see rolls of fat on my thighs, there is padding on my hips and my stomach is not washboard flat.

So I think I am updating my goal - I'll aim for anything starting with a "5" - 59.9 for example and then try to maintain for a month by finding the balance of calories and exercise. I'll have to rename my new year's challenge to "50's" by Valentines Day.

I am not basing everything on this one web site - the calculations in Protein Power are close to this as well. Emotionally I want to be 57kg but intellectually, I am discovering this might not be possible. But somehow this still feels like giving up/failure ...

PS: I have lost 1 kg in two days - interestingly I haven't worked out for the last two days - what's that all about??

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