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Monday, 29 January 2007

What if it not matter what I did - I wouldn't lose/gain weight?

I came across this thought on Lisa Jane's blog:

If you were told today that you would never lose an ounce of weight again,
that you were going to be the size you are right now for the rest of your life,
how would you live your life differently?

Now I know that not many people are going to believe this, but I wouldn't change a thing!

Food: I wouldn't return to eating sugar or carbs because I am done with the roller coaster hunger - that never feeling full or satisfied even though you eat until you feel sick. Although the thought of stuffing myself with cake and chocolate is appealing on one level, I also know how it would affect me after I had eaten it. I also enjoy having clear skin after 25 years of acne and how quickly I heal now [even after a dreaded cold sore], which would disappear if I reverted to my old ways. And, I don't want my stomach ulcer back!!

Exercise: I would continue to exercise because I like having muscles and I love how I feel after a hard sweaty workout. I love that I sleep better, that I wake up with energy and that most days I feel invincible physically and emotionally.

So this is another one of my epiphanies [epiphanys?].

It's not really about my weight at all, although this is a treasured accomplishment that I am not willing to relinquish in a hurry, and it's not about how I look.

It's about how I feel - and damn, this way of life makes me feel 100% better.

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  1. Ditto - I feel exactly the same way about my food and exercise and the way it makes me feel (although I'm not going low carb!)