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Thursday, 25 January 2007

What's different this week.

It is only Thursday and I am down almost a kg from Monday's weigh in.

Granted, I just finished TTOM which always gives you a bonus loss, but what else have I been doing differently this week.
  1. No protein powder - replaced with LSA. I used to use protein powder as my "flour" to make pancakes or fake bread in the mornings. I have replaced it with LSA - more calories, more carbs and more fat. I read that protein powder is too processed and metabolises too quickly. I guess even healthy processed foods aren't that good for you.

  2. I am eating 5% carbs, 25% protein and 70% fat. Cut back on all that protein [somewhat a result of cutting the aforementioned protein powder].

  3. More veges - I don't count carbs or calories for veges.

  4. Different exercise - alternating a full body weight training day with interval cardio. Keeping calories expended around 200 for weights day and 300 for cardio day.

  5. Doing cardio on a spin bike rather than treadmill. Working those legs harder!

  6. Kept calories at around 1300-1400 rather than 1200.

  7. No psyllium - I think it actually did the opposite of what it's meant to! I am more regular without it

Seems like I'm going against all popular weight loss techniques - more fat, more carbs [veges], more calories, less exercise, less fibre. Mmmm - maybe I had just taken everything too far [imagine that!!] or maybe I just needed to shake things up.

If this continues, I could be back to goal [a 50's girl] by the end of next week.

Interestingly, yesterday 2 people asked if I had lost more weight. I suspect there is some of that "muscle weighs more than fat" theory being applied here. Hard to tell though ... I can't get in to my "skinny" pants because of my thighs but it could be due to all the squats and bike work I have been doing - I think they might have got bigger but it doesn't bother me. My quads are the biggest muscle in my body and if they are strong and toned, they should do a good job of burning off that last bit of fat that keeps hanging around.

Here's to changing things up - let's hope this continues to work!!

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