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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

5 kg by Valentine's Day - Results are in!!

Today is Valentine's Day - the goal date of my challenge.
This morning's weight:

60.7 kg

What shall I choose to believe on this beautiful sunny morning?

~ I failed because I didn't lose 5kg - I lost 1.9kg.


~ I have lost 1.9kg of that last 5kg I have so much trouble with so now I only have 3.1 to go
~ In the last 7.5 weeks I have always been under my starting weight = zero weight gain
~ I am only 0.7 kg away from being a 50's girl
~ I haven't done anything unsustainable - that is, I have eaten well above 1200 calories a day [which was my previous threshold for weight loss] and I have been burning less that 300 calories a day [again my previous minimum expenditure for weight loss]. I have done this comfortably and could easily continue like this for another 8 weeks, perhaps for life!
~ My pants are loose and my waist is smaller. In fact, I only measure 33" - 25" - 33" which I suspect is a lot smaller than most other 60kg women which might mean I weigh heavy because I am quite muscular.
~ I am happy with my body - if I never got any thinner, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Losing those last couple of kilos is now optional rather than compulsary.

So I am a success! YAY

Below is an actual photo of me in the new bikini I bought for my holiday next week [hence the weird tan line from the previous bikini]. If I was being critical I would point out the bulky thighs and the lingering hip fat.

But without being vain - it's pretty good for a 42 year old who has spent her whole life being overweight. I have visible stomach muscles and a slim waist [no boobs anymore but let's not go there!]

Plenty to be proud of, plenty to be happy about.

Yip - I'm one happy girl - let's just bring on the 50's sometime before winter!!


  1. My gosh katiep.. you look fabulous in your bikini! Be proud and celebrate your great body.. its beautiful!!


    ps. enjoy your holidays too!

  2. hello katie! you bloody amazing! a testament to a lot of hard work by the sounds of it :) thanks very much for your comment on my blog the other day, just thought i'd check out yours and so glad i did! cheers!

  3. Yes Look at you! You have reached success already!!!