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Friday, 23 February 2007

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess in a beautiful castle with her handsome prince. She had lived a charmed life, except for one thing.

As the years went by, she became fatter and fatter and sicker and sicker.

The princess searched far and wide for a potion or a spell that would transform her body into that of a young healthy girl.

After consulting the oracle of low fat, the oracle of restricted calories and the oracle of Weight Watchers, she stumbled upon the Wizards of Atkins, Eades and Rosedale. She listened to their advice and gathered together the ingredients that would produce the body she desired.

She gathered together a pinch of carbs, a handful of protein and fat, and mixed them together with moderate calories, high intensity cardio, and heavy weights.

The potion was complete. She took the potion every day and marvelled at the changes that began in her mind, body and spirit.

But there were others in the kingdom who scoffed at the potion she created. They vehemently proclaimed that their oracles were correct and that Wizards were inherently suspicious. Had not the ruler of the land, the witchdoctors and clerics all agreed that following the Wizards of Atkins, Eades, and Rosedale would lead to sickness and early death?

The princess became weary of hearing the advice of the kingdom and decided not to take any notice.

One day, the princess heard of someone who was following a different oracle and decided to give some of her own advice. The man, ignored what she had to say, stating that it did not relate to him, that her advice was too generalised and mainstream. He used an invisibility spell to erase the advice.

The princess felt outraged at first - mostly because she felt upset that people didn't value her opinion. Then she began to think about what she had done.

She was behaving in the same manner as all the other people in the kingdom. She was trying to convince people that there was only one potion that would work. This was the very thing that she hated the most.

Just because the potion worked for her, didn't mean it would work for everyone else.

So the princess got down of her high horse and decided that even though she was a princess, she didn't need to sit in judgment of other people's choices. Everyone in the kingdom had the right to do whatever they wanted to do. They could do steady state cardio, they could do high repetition with light weights, they could eat low-fat yoghurt, and they could motivate themselves by accumulating gold coins every time the scales went down.

They could even use the short-term diet spell, if they wanted.

The princess decided from then on that she would not interfere with other people's choices. She would live her own life and try to motivate, encourage and inspire the people of the kingdom by recording her thoughts in the Book of Blog. She would only reveal the ingredients of her secret potion if people asked her for her recipe.

The princess lived happily ever after with a concave stomach, a peaceful heart and a secret smile because she had discovered what worked for her.


  1. I like the story! :0)

  2. Very good! A good lesson for life, not just weight loss.