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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Weigh In

Not the result I was expecting this morning. I was hoping for a 50's number at long last but could only manage 60.6kg.

I could come up with some reasons why including some alcohol, macadamia nut chicken stuffing, airplane food and 4 dates for desert last night but it doesn't really matter. Another week with zero gain so I am as happy as can be expected.

On one hand I wish I could throw away the scales [yeah right!!] and not obssess over the ridiculous numbers every day, but on the other hand, all I want to lose is 1 more kilo. Everyone else in blogland does that almost every week. In 9 weeks I have lost 2 kilos which is less than 250g per week. Well, at least I am developing persistence I suppose.

Today is a new day, back home and back to routine. Just call me a tortoise ...

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