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Monday, 5 February 2007

Six Weeks Minus 1 Kilo

I weigh today exactly what I did on 1 January.
I have lost a whopping ONE KILO in six weeks.
If you were smart - you might think this diet is not working.

Or maybe it is - maybe slow is good...
But it is very frustrating.

Although I must be thankful my blow out didn't do any lasting damage. Increasing the carbs to about 50g per day and see if that makes a difference to the scale.

I feel better - I can climb the stairs without effort again. I'm just sad it is taking so long.

If I am to make my goal - 5kg by Valentines Day, I have to lose 4 kgs in 9 days! Not going to happen!!


  1. Lindy2:40 pm

    look at it this way katiep.. at least you haven't gained a kilo in 6 weeks!

    hmm... what worked for you before when you reached your lowest weight of 57kg??

    not sure if you checked it out, but have you been to there are some fantastic transformations, tonnes of info on diets etc on there?! may be worth a look if you haven't been there already!!


  2. maybe you could cut one of your breasts off, although it may decrease the appeal of Valentines Day.