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Saturday, 17 March 2007

50 Percent of the Time

This post is just for the girls ...

Since I was in my mid twenties I used Depo Provera as my method of contraception. It was great because my period stopped completely.
When I began my lifestyle change and after reading about how it makes you gain weight I stopped getting the injections. It took about a year for my periods to return.

Now I am "au naturale".

What shits me [on day two of my period] is that now half my life / 50% of my time is taken up with this curse. I spend a week within the clutches of PMT -- bloated, breasts so sore I almost cry when my arm grazes them, and craving every carbohydrate in sight.

Then my period arrives relieving the sore breasts, but bloating continues, along with cramps, more cravings, and general blah. This is another week of crap.

So out of a month, two weeks are miserable. Two weeks out of four.

Blah Blah
Whinge Whinge
Weight gain
I hate my life
Pass the fish and chips


  1. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Hey Katie!
    I am with you on this one... I have been off the pill for 3 years and 3 months now as hubby and I are trying for a wee baby... my periods are the worst they have ever been, sore, heavy, fluid retention, sore breasts.... winge winge.... no baby yet though, and I am ovulating well etc etc... another winge... being a woman sucks now pass me the Llindt!!!!

    Sue xxxxxx

  2. At least you have a point to the suffering - hoping for a baby. Me -- no want baby -- I'm just counting down to menopause. I'm 42 now so hopefully I only have 8 years left which is only 4 years of hell left!!

  3. Hey Katie - had the same problem for years so went back on the pill - it was bliss - short periods no pain! I'm at the same age as you and my GP says I wont be able to stay on it for ever, but I plan to so for as long as possible as it increases my quality of life sooo much

  4. I will be 46 in two weeks.

    I had severe periods for years and years - heavy, pain, lots and lots of clotting.

    I also had severe migraines with them - starting at age 12.

    This is before migraines were readily recognized and before there was effective treatment.

    For many years -I thought that my immune system was just "down" during TTOM and that I just happened to get severe stomach flu at that time each month.

    It was the combination of the migraines and hormones. Cart or horse?- don't know.

    The two weeks that you talked about turned into 3 weeks in my
    early 40's. With the week before being severely emotional and the during being 10+ heavy days starting and stopping several times.

    I was in for all the usual scans and tests - normal peri-menopausal.

    Any type of BCP made things so much worse.

    By sheer coincidence - as this was getting worse and worse about a full year ago. I started eating much more natural/healthy food.

    Slowly, bit by bit, I stopped eating pretty much all processed.

    And as this happened - slowly - TTOM got easier and easier.

    Pain stopped first, then bloating, then migraines, then heaviness, then clotting.

    I am now down to what other people would consider normal - little discomfort, just a few days, one very light regular headache, no/little clotting.

    It MIGHT be that I am just closer to menopause and THAT is why it is getting easier and easier.

    But I seriously think that it (for me) is a combination of the stuff (chemicals or whatever) in processed food - and my hormones - like some sort of over-blown - weird hormonal allergic reaction.

    I have a friend that did the same thing - gradually phased off all processed - over a long period of time for another medical reason
    - and it cured a lifetime of major GI trouble. She has the same feeling - that the chemical additive stuff was reacting to something in her body - taking an already "vulnerable" system and causing all kinds of severe reactions.

    Food for thought.

  5. Thanks for the thoughts ladies.
    Lisa -- I might consider going back on the pill -- but would need one that doesn't make you gain weight -- what are you on?
    Vickie -- great advice for anyone but lucky [or unlucky] for me I don't eat processed food. No sugar, no flour, only lean meat, veggies, salad, nuts and dairy. So no room to move on that front, I'll have to try something else!

  6. Katie, I'm not on the pill right now, but I have found one pill that was actually found to cause women to lose a few lbs. It's called Yasmin. It helped keep my periods bearable without the weight gain and I loved it. When I'm ready to go back on the pill, that will be what I ask for.

  7. Hey darling lady.

    I have the same issue and with each child that I have had it has gotten worse. I find if I drink less coffee and eat healthier then the symptoms are not as harsh. I think, going from memory, chaste tree is a good natural alternative. And evening primrose oil. Worth a shot.