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Friday, 16 March 2007

Prayer to Miss Whoosh

Dear Whoosh Fairy

I hereby present my ticket to the 50's which I have paid for in full.
I have been a faithful and loyal subject.
I still believe in you even though it has been a long time since I have felt your presence.
I humbly request you to visit while I sleep, wave your magic wand and dissolve the last kilo of fat.
I promise that I will repay your kindness by loving, nuturing and celebrating my body.
I will continue to sacrifice all processed food and dry carbs every day on your altar.
I will rejoice and give thanks for any number that starts with a "5".
Please help me.

Cindy said I should put your picture here as a token of my dedication so here it is:


  1. Now that was just plain cute and creative---I hope you get your visit soon....

  2. Hope it works!!!

    You might try, if you have one, posting your fairly's pic on your blog! Can't hurt!

  3. I hope she visits you tonight! No one deserves it more!

  4. She's so pretty!