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Sunday, 4 March 2007

Lean Body Mass Calculations

It occurred to me at this weight, so close to goal, I should track more than scale weight. Using my highly inaccurate bio impedance scale (on the male setting because it's closer to what web calculations and Protein Power charts say), I am now tracking lean body mass [LBM] as well as fat [BF].

There results are much much much more positive than I thought.

4 Mar 07 - 61.6 19% (-1.0)
BF = 11.7 kg
LBM = 49.9 kg

Change since previous week - Muscle + 600g, Fat + 400g

27 Feb 07 - 60.6 18.6% (- 2.0)
BF = 11.3 kg
LBM = 49.3 kg

Change since previous week - Muscle = constant, Fat - 200g

18 Feb 07 - 60.8 19% (-1.8)
BF = 11.5 kg
LBM = 49.3 kg

There might be something to the whole carb cycling thing after all. Although I am not sure how I can cope with the rebound hunger.

It also reminds me that 55kgs is probably completely unsustainable. So instead of a scale weight, I am now shooting for a body fat of less than 10kgs - that means losing 1.7kgs of fat - if the muscle increases, then that is great because it will help me stay lean. Possibly won't ever be under 60kg [LBM 50kg, BF 10kg] but should be a lean healthy result.

YAY - I'm much happier now after being feeling like I undid all my hard work by having one cheat meal. Seems like I overdid it, but less than half of the gain was fat!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!


  1. Katie, I really like your blog but I can't find where to subscribe? Can you help me out?
    Mark McManus

  2. Mark - I think I fixed it for you - don't really know what I'm doing so let me know if it doesn't work.
    Thanks for visiting!
    K xxx