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Sunday, 4 March 2007

Weigh In 04 March

Start Weight 01 Jan 05: 80 kg
Current Weight: 61.6 kg
Movement since last week: + 1.0 kg
Total Lost: 18.4 kg
Left to Lose: 2.6 kg

Some other weight loss devotees in blogland use this template to record their weight so I have adopted it. It focuses on the big picture rather than a simple 7 day result.

The kilo gain is totally due to the huge carb blowout. I am on day 2 of strict induction. Battling cravings but hopefully should settle down by tomorrow. In retrospect was it worth it?? No way!! I hate being hungry all the time. Looking forward to the hunger and bloating going away very soon ...

I could never do a cyclic ketogenic diet - it would drive me crazy - carbo loading is obviously not for me.

Sometimes my stupidity amazes me!! As Bonita Gordita so cleverly put it - I need mental gastric bypass surgery -- for my brain!!

I am still UNDER 62 KG = staying power!!

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