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Saturday, 3 March 2007

What I learnt yesterday

Yesterday was a great day spent with Mr Katie, but not so healthy.
Although the final damage was only 1650 calories, I managed to ingest 183g carbohydrates which is nearly 4 x what I usually do.
Instead of listing the reasons why [aka excuses] I am instead going to list the lessons I learned instead.

~ always get up when I wake up even on the weekends/holidays - don't go back to bed
~ always eat breakfast before I leave the house - don't hang on until I get to my restaurant meal
~ a cheat meal should be planned to follow a day of healthy eating - don't enter a cheat meal if I have not eaten for 19 hours!
~ make cheat meal choices worthwhile - garlic bread is not really value for a carb-fest
~ remember that sugar and flour are powerful drugs to me and will make it difficult to stop eating once I've started. Sticky date pudding is probably not a good choice - cheesecake or apple crumble may be slightly better choices
~ white french bread with butter and chips was a better choice than eating more sugar following the sugar spikes - I suspect that fat helped even things out
~ record everything - it is sometimes not as bad as I imagine
~ it is impossible to gain 1.2kgs overnight especially if I ate under 1700 calories the day before - behold water retention from carb overload!
~ re-reading your eating plan book of choice at the end of such a day ensures I can find the resolve the begin again the next day

Now that my holidays are over [I resume work on Monday] I am going to do Induction for the next week at least. I have never really done strict Induction as I added in protein powder, nuts, and never measured my veges or things like artificial sweeteners.

Here are my short term goals
~ limit carbs to under 20g a day
~ count everything including artificial sweetners and salad/veggies
~ drink 8 glasses of water
~ exclude or at worst limit diet coke to one can a day
~ limit cheese to 100g a day
~ exclude nuts

I have started the day with 2 eggs, 30g cream cheese, teaspoon of sugar free maple syrup, and two cups green tea.

I am now going to do some weights and a bike session to get rid of the glycogen in my body.

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  1. A couple years ago - I was on a plan that would limit - like you describe for a week - (or even two). I ran into someone from that program recently and he told me that the research indicated that this was too long - and that 2-3 days is better - to rev up metabolism. Just a thought - you might want to check back with where ever you got your plan to see if they still do the full week (or two) or if they have dropped it down too.