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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Parts Therapy

Last night I experienced a guided meditation called 'parts therapy'. The basic premise is that there is a part of your subconscious that makes you over-eat, crave unhealthy food and not exercise for a reason. You need to ask that part of you what it wants and how you can meet it's needs in another way.

Now, as I've said before, I know nothing about psychology or anything, or whether this is all rubbish, but I can't see that I have anything to lose. It might do nothing, or it might help.
So in my meditation the sabotaging part of me [let's call her Binge Barbie -- which is not an original name -- I stole it from someone but I can't remember who], BB, told me that she made me want to overeat or eat unhealthy foods because she didn't want me to lose so much weight that I developed an eating disorder. Although in the cold light of day this seems somewhat contradictory [binging in itself is an eating disorder is it not?] BB said that she would have her needs met if I did things in moderation rather than going to the extreme.

So I promised BB that I would try to eat more real food, eat what I really wanted more often, and exercise to feel better rather than exercise to exhaustion. I promised to treat her and my body in a healthy way whether or not the scales ever moved downwards. I promised that I would not obsess over every morsel that went into my mouth.

So today was a bit of a test to see what would happen. I did a good weight session this morning with supersets of chest presses and chest flyes - picking one muscle a day. Breakfast included some oatmeal in my pancakes, lunch was a protein bar because I am sick of tuna and salad. It was really filling, tasted good and didn't give me rebound hunger. I didn't feel like snacking in the afternoon. I could have skipped dinner but had a frittata with eggs, cottage cheese, chicken and salad and some whipped cream for dessert. Calories quite low, carbs 46, protein 82, fat 45. Didn't feel like I needed to eat any more because I will eat more tomorrow if I need to.

Seems like Binge Barbie has had what she needed today. I wonder if she's sleeping now ... shhhh let's not wake her up!!!

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