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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Saturday Night at the Opera

I am thrilled and surprised when someone refers to my blog in the weight loss/exercise community, but when I am [indirectly] mentioned for what I do for a living it is quite another thing!

You will remember that I referred to working 17 hours on Saturday. What I did on that day was deliver a major event. Without revealing my secret identity to the world [even though my picture is plastered all over this blog] let's just say I am pretty much in charge of these types of thing.

So dear old Pastor Ed Palumbos from Fairport NY was directly affected by me and felt compelled to blog about it here. Now Pastor Ed doesn't know me, or what I do, but the fact that he enjoyed himself as a result of my efforts makes me feel very special.

I guess that is the best part of my job -- although very hard work and stressful, the payoff is the satisfaction I get when nights like these go smoothly.

Now, because this blog is not about my job but about my fat arse, I am trying to relate this to my weightloss/fitness journey. Why is it that I can endure almost anything work throws at me because I know without a doubt that I will be successful and get a huge feeling of satisfaction when the job is done [and it is always done -- there is no choice -- NO choice]. Yet I cannot always endure the challenges that eating healthy food and working out everyday throws at me. I know there is a huge payoff [weightloss/fitness/feeling good] but I still think there is a choice. Some days I don't want to get the job done, some days I want to give up entirely and just eat those damn hot cross buns and hot chips.

Is it instant gratification vs waiting for a reward? I don't think so.

I think it is more like the hard work [at work] is part and parcel of the satisfaction. So I need to think of the eating/exercises work as part [or most] of the goal and not separate from it. And remember that I will be successful, there is no choice -- this is what I do because this is me!!

Oh my God, not another epiphany -- I'm sure Pastor Ed would be pleased!!

How weird is this blog world? I marvel at how we can touch other people's lives without even knowing it ...

I deleted the reference to the event and where I work in this post because the link to Pastor Ed's blog came to me from work so there must be a press service that trawls blogs and reports back to organisations if they are mentioned. Although I am happy for strangers to read my mindless ramblings, I am not sure I want my colleagues or managers doing the same! I was thinking I should remove my photo for a minute there, but then thought "bugger that" - I've got nothing to be ashamed of. If anyone at work does stumble across my blog it will just confirm that I am as mad as they thought and probably bore them to tears :)

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