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Monday, 12 March 2007

My Favourite Blogs

I have been meaning to update my list of blogs for some time now. I did briefly consider writing a review of each one, but as they say in the classics "I can't be f**cked!"

I am having today off as I worked on Saturday and decided to finally do it.

There are all sorts of blogs that I visit daily and they provide my support structure. There are:
~ large and small ladies/gents still working on losing weight
~ ladies at goal and maintaining/trying to lose a little bit more
~ ladies who have lost, gained and lost again
~ fitness freaks
~ fitness experts
~ low carb devotees
~ runners
~ Weight Watchers devotees
~ scientific papers
~ motivational sites

Check out the side bar for the whole list and take a look. If you read my blog regularly and I haven't listed yours, comment or email me and I'll include it.


Weight update -- after my perfect eating and exercise day yesterday the scales declared 60.7kgs this morning -- can you lose 1.5kgs overnight?? I suspect it has something to do with bloating up after the long day at work on Saturday [and the white bread roll I forgot to mention I ate!]. I didn't eat any cheese yesterday so I am also investigating a dairy intolerance?? They say that you crave what is bad for you and I LOVE cheese. In fact it was the thing I missed the most on my low-fat diet. I had a bit of cream in my pancakes this morning so we'll see if I can tolerate that OK.


  1. Fantastic loss!!

    I reatain fluids on high carb, and loose them quickly when I keep my carbs low enough, so yea, I'd say you can gain or loose as much as 10# overnight, depending on the person.

    Even if it IS only water weight, which I doubt, it's fluid you didn't need, but held onto because I ate too many carbs.

  2. I'm honored to be included in your list and looking forward to reading archives and learning more about you.