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Sunday, 11 March 2007

I wish I could "Control S" today ...

... because today was perfect in health terms.
~Breakfast was 2 pancakes made with 2 eggs and 1 scoop of protein powder.
~Lunch was 120g pan fried salmon with lettuce, 1/2 carrot, capsicum and snow peas with vinegar and olive oil dressing
~Snack was 120g pan fried salmon with chilli chutney
~Dinner was 120g lean chicken breast salad with 2 boiled eggs, lettuce, 1/2 carrot, capsicum and snow peas with 1 tbsp mayonnaise diluted with vinegar.
~No desert, no treats - total calories 1257, carbs 22, protein 146, fat 54.

No mindless eating, no hunger, no pre-occupation with food. No stress, no work, lots of sleeping in and watching DVDs.

After watching the Biggest Loser [how can you lose 4.5kgs in a week even if you are around 100kgs?] I did 3.5kms on the treadmill in 1 minute intervals and sweated my arse off. I also remembered why evening exercise is so good [I normally workout straight after getting out of bed in the morning]. You can work as hard as you can because if you completely tire yourself out, all you have to do is go to bed -- as opposed to getting through an entire day. Also you are fuelled up by your dinner rather than working out on an empty stomach.

The only thing I could have done better is drink more water [even after 2 years I still have terrible trouble drinking enough water as I prefer the old Diet Coke or tea].

Not that I weigh myself TWICE a day [no sane person would do that!] but when I accidentally fell on the scales tonight after my run and before my shower I was only 200g heavier than this morning's weigh in. Now if I was an OCD type person who weighed themselves morning and night I could tell you that I am normally about 1 kg heavier at night than in the morning. So today's weigh in could have been an aberration due to working 17 hours yesterday and I might be back under 62kg by tomorrow.

So, if I could, I would like to SAVE today please and just repeat it for a few weeks. Thanks.


  1. Long ago - I used to try to balance my carbs and protein and fat.

    I had one day - last April - so nearly a whole year ago - that was the closest I ever got to balance -

    39.23% protein, 38.34% carbs, 22.42 fat and 1584.5 calories.

    The goal was 40% - 40% - 20% split and stay between 1400 -1600 calories.

  2. I have days like the one you just described...unfortunately, they seem to be only about once a week!!! If only we could 'save and repeat!!!'

  3. Well it obviously worked - down almost a kilo from yesterday -- I only have to do that one more time and I'll be in the 50's LOL!! K