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Sunday, 11 March 2007

Weigh In 11 March

11 Mar 07 - 62.2 19.1% (-0.2)
BF = 11.9 kg
LBM = 50.3
Change since previous week - Muscle + 400g, Fat + 200g

4 Mar 07 - 61.6 19% (-1.0)
BF = 11.7 kg
LBM = 49.9 kg
Change since previous week - Muscle + 600g, Fat + 400g

27 Feb 07 - 60.6 18.6% (- 2.0)
BF = 11.3 kg
LBM = 49.3 kg
Change since previous week - Muscle = constant, Fat - 200g

18 Feb 07 - 60.8 19% (-1.8)
BF = 11.5 kg
LBM = 49.3 kg

Well the upward trend in scale weight is worrying, but if these calculations are to be believed, in the past month I have
-- gained 1 kg in LBM
-- gained 200g in BF
which is a much more encouraging result than saying I have gained 1.2kgs this month (owww!)

Obviously, I still haven't got the recipe right -- I still need to lose 1.9kg of fat to get to my 50:10kg ideal body composition.

I am not sure what will work anymore so I am going to try to reduce my calories to 1300 a day [instead of between 1400-1500], limit the aerobics to 3 short 12 minutes HITT sessions a week with maybe one or two easy runs, and do some moderate maintainance type lifting [as I am not wanting to achieve any more growth it suggests that I don't need to go through the whole DOMS scenario]. In fact as I write this, I realise I have achieved 1/2 of my goal [50kgs of lean body mass] so all I need to do is drop a few kilos of fat while preserving the muscle.

I may swap my macros around a bit and up the protein again and lower the fat. Most fitness people agree that clean eating is plenty of lean protein, good fats and carbs from fruit and veges so instead of having whipped cream for desert I'll have nuts instead!

On a side note, there is something that is of interest to me at the moment --

Is there a 12 week physiological adaptation to diet and/or exercise? I only lasted about 3 months on WW, I lost most of my weight in the first 12 weeks of my lifestyle change, and I am at the 12 week mark of this endeavour and I am showing an inconsequential weight loss [not counting LBMBF results]. I have tried researching this on the internet but haven't come up with any thing yet. Do any of you find three months is the longest you can stick to anything without a major blowout and some kind of yo-yo cycle?

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  1. I have never read that anywhere - but I believe it. I take a good hard look at what I am doing - every quarter.

    I reflect on:
    What I said I was going to do.
    What I am actually doing.
    If/how it is working.
    How I feel.

    Then I adjust and set goals/plans for the next quarter. I have found this to be a realistic way of planning/sticking to it. Once a month - too much change - too short of a time - every 6 mos - WAY TOO LONG of a time.

    I also have done little "mini sprints" where I have done a specific exercise for 8 weeks - to coincide with a class usually.