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Sunday, 25 March 2007

Why would you weigh in?

Because I'm a masochist.

62.8 kg from last weigh in [two weeks ago] +2.1 kg
19.7% body fat
BF = 12.4kg from last weigh in +0.8
LBM = 50.4kg from last weigh in + 1.3 [I hope that is true!]

I ended up eating the sausage rolls after all!!

I know I blame everything on my menstrual cycle but this out of control eating happened 4 weeks ago as well. A quick calculation determines this is ovulation time, the beginning of PMS. Apparently your body wants you to gain weight, just in case you get pregnant. Thanks body!! I am going to investigate some hormonal help here -- it's driving me crazy.

Three bits of new information
1. Hot water and lemon on an empty stomach first thing in the morning does have an almost instant laxative effect [thank God for small mercies today I say]
2. I am an idiot and forgot about daylight saving so I got up an hour too early today. Summer is over and I HATE winter. Jealous of all you northern hemisphere people [now though, not during that snow]. Going to go hop on the treadmill to use up the extra hour before I go to work. Hope I can undertake an outdoor event day and eat properly.
3. I don't feel bad about the out of control eating episode. Just a bump in the road. It's over, gone and in the past now, the only thing I can do is begin today afresh. I am so glad every day is a new beginning :)


  1. Good attitude to your little binge, Katie - just get on with it now, no looking back.

    I hate winter too. The only good thing about the end of daylight saving is that it's light when I get up....for a few weeks anyway.

  2. Hey Katie did you know your metabolism actually increases during the last half of your cycle?
    I am thinking that this could account for some of our cravings at this time (increased metabolism = increased caloric need).

    Check this cool pic out: Menstrual Cycle