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Saturday, 21 April 2007

CKD Week 2

Jinxed myself.

I had my camera all charged up and ready to go this morning to take a photo of a 50's number on the scale but it was not meant to be :(
I did eat at a Thai restaurant last night so although I tried to stick to low cal [no noodles or rice] I think the satay sauce might have been sugary/carby. Not to worry.

Weight this morning 60.7 kg - 18.6% BF
LBM - 49.4 : BF - 11.3

Just been to the Fitness Expo. A little disappointing. No free samples except for a couple of magazines. I thought there would be protein bars and gym vouchers but it was mostly protein powder, expensive workout clothes and gym machines. Oh well ...

I got a body composition analysis done and it came up with 18.6% body fat which is exactly what my scales say [did I say that I keep them on the male setting which is obviously working].
Apparently 15% is considered an athlete so if I wanted to stop at 18.6% I would still have a good body. But just once I want to be a lean mean machine, so I'll keep going with this craziness for awhile.


  1. Lean Mean Machine... you are! What a tart.... I am totally envious.... I feel FAT FAT FAT thanks! Think I need to stop reading your blog.... it's too depressing! Just joking... you are awesome... have a great day!

  2. I did mean it as a compliment, twisted tart that I am... I do confuse many me thinks! So, does that make you 50 then? I could have sworn you were in your 20's!

  3. I agree, one sided, who cares if they don't understand..... now, I was feeling a bit down today, and since that last comment, where you said you thought I looked in my 30's... I have picked up and feel like a million dollars again! Thank you so much! I certainly don't feel like the mother of a 28 year old, let alone 6 pretty much all grown up kids... and grandma to 5 !!! the two little ones we are raising make me feel young I can assure you! It's all good! Age is all in the mind, and I'm still 25 mate!