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Sunday, 29 April 2007

Cold Sore Hell

Today I have a fully fledged cold sore. It is on my chin just under my bottom lip. I hate having cold sores.

Nothing I do seems to help. I have used "Zovirax" so often it makes no difference. My chin is swollen, sore and itchy and it looks hideous. I want to put a bag over my head and hide.

So even though I knew I would get a weight spike this morning, seeing 61.9kg still gutted me. This is the biggest increase I've ever experienced -- 1.7kgs. Either this means I've done something wrong, or I did something right?? Who knows? Last week I gained less than 1/2 kilo eating junk food all day.

Yesterday I ate mostly complex carbs - sprouted grain bread, bananas, potatoes, cornflakes, organic corn chips etc. No sugar, no chocolate just "clean" food.

Today I feel fat, bloated and ugly with a big festering sore on my face. I'm having a "pity party" just to remind you all that I am not Miss Happy Pants ALL the time.

Lesson for today: although I know intellectually that my weight will increase after a carb re-feed it is still very difficult to deal with it emotionally when you feel like sh!t to start with.


  1. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Hey hun, hope that things feel better tomorrow.... it is a brand new day after all and nobody expects you to be miss happy pants all the time! Chin up chuck!!
    Love Sue xxxxxxx

  2. Sad about the gain, but you know what to do about it... a cold sore..... might be telling you that your body needs something??? ARe you run down?? I have never had one, so can't even say I know how ya feel... hope it gets better soon... I'm sure I can see the flashing red light on ya chin from here!