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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Dear Katie -- Re Atkins Alert

Hi Katie,

Thank you for your email – I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to let me know your thoughts. Our credibility is of utmost importance, and I take personal pride in ensuring the content we present is relevant and as reliable as it can be.

It is always a tricky task deciding who and what to quote and reference in our content, and I understand your concerns about our snippet ‘Atkins Alert’. However, The Lancet, the journal from where this information was sourced, is an independent, reliable medical journal established in 1823 and as such we were happy to run with this snippet.

Unfortunately, sources such as Michael R. Eades M.D have a vested interest in promoting the benefits of a low-carb diet – in this case as the author of the book Protein Power: The High-Protein/Low Carbohydrate Way to Lose Weight, Feel Fit and Boost your Health in Just Weeks! and spokesperson for the US web site Low carb luxury.

Additionally, we will never solely rely on resources such as Wikipedia, as this is a reference that can be edited by any member of the public and as such, accuracy can never be guaranteed.

Above all else, we will always promote the benefits of a well-balanced nutritional program and regular exercise as the best way to stay fit and healthy – and as a fitness magazine will, from time-to-time, also profile alternative diets, products and services we believe our readers are interested in.

You have obviously found an eating plan that works for you; congratulations on your success! We believe that anyone considering an extreme or alternative-style diet has the right to know about the risks involved. I certainly understand your concerns and thank you for raising them, but I hope you agree the credibility of our title remains intact.

All the best,
Brooke Pitts-Hill
EditorWomen’s Health & Fitness

Hmmm -- I don't have a comment because you have to decide for yourself ...

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