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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Ketoacidosis and Glygogen Depletion Workouts

Oh my God -- I am going to die --

Whoops, that is Ketosis, not Ketoacidosis I'm in -- but how would I know when the only serious research material I rely on comes from Wikipedia.

At least Wikipedia tell me roughly the truth, unlike Mr Katie who delights in making up facts about scientific things with so much sincerity that I honestly believe every word he says. That is until I relay this new nugget of information to some unsuspecting associate who replies as gently as possible "Um, sorry, that's actually not true".

Anyway, back to the Ketosis -- I am one of these weird people who has never really attained the Holy Grail of the Purple Stick. If you don't know what that means, you are probably not following an extreme or alternative type diet. [Should I stop it already?].

Well tonight I cracked it [the Keto that is]. I didn't do it by eating the highly recommended "meat and eggs" diet, in fact I didn't EAT anything different at all. [I am being slightly sarcastic about the meat and eggs thing, and although it may suit some people, it definitely doesn't suit me -- I am a true vege freak!!]

Back to the Keto accomplishment. It is slightly complicated [as all of my posts generally are].
I shall try it in bullet points.

1. Binged last weekend -- scale jumped and then gradually went down to a number 60.x. This is the lowest I have been in a good while.
2. To celebrate this huge achievement [!@@#%^$&%] I binged again this weekend. This time the scale jump wasn't quite as high and the downward trend started earlier. I am lower today than I was this time last week. This is hard to explain without a table but I don't know how to do them easily in Blogger without making a separate Excel chart which I can't be stuffed doing.
3. I read up about carb loading, leptin, and glycogen depletion workouts.
4. On Sunday I tried a depletion workout - I could only manage 2 circuits instead of 3 and I was shattered at the end of it. Back to low carb eating
5. Yesterday [Mon] my weight was back to pre-binge -- within 24 hours
6. Yesterday evening I dragged my sore body onto the treadmill for a hard, hard run for about 30 minutes. I sweated and reached euphoric runners high.
7. Today I lost my appetite [hardly ever happens] and did a yoga class. Reached the nirvana of K this evening.

I am consciously going for a carb load this Saturday, but clean food without fat this time. I have optimism that this might work for me.

It is a very complicated way of doing things and there is heaps of information about CKD or Cyclical Ketogenic Diet on the internet [which you should never believe ... because the internet is evil ;) ]

Next week when I do it properly, I will log all my eating, exercise and scale weight so you can see how I am doing it. I will also link my plan, articles and forums that might help.

Warning - this is a way of eating for people who are (a) at a healthy BMI and lowish body fat % but are still restricting calories and not seeing results (b) very physically active.

Now I know I just spent all of last week crapping on about neural pathways and concentrating on healthy eating and this sounds like I've reverted to my "what do I look like" thought processes, but the cravings could be totally physiological rather than psychological [low Leptin levels may be the culprit]. Anyway -- I'm allowed to change my mind -- it's my mind, my body and my blog!!

Stay tuned ...

PS: I didn't get tipped off about CKD from any Health and Fitness magazine!! LOL
PPS: I am so premenstrual it's not funny so weight dropping at this time of the month [and Ketosis from what I've heard] is even more miraculous.



    Weights are great for getting back into K, always worked for me.

    Good luck :)

  2. I think your approach to the atkins style of eating is very healthy and responsible.

    That being said, I do know a handful of people that approach it from a eat as much cheese, fatty meat and lard as possible and never go near a vege or fruit again. From a naturopathic point of view this just can't be good for the body as you are not getting any of the anti oxidants that the body needs to function properly and the water content of your food is much lower meaning that you have to drink a lot more than your normal 6 - 8 glasses. That's my opinion anyway.