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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Finish Line Momentum

I was reading the Shrinking Knitters blog and she mentioned "finish line momentum". She was referring to the literal meaning of this phrase -- when you are running a race, even though you are exhausted and want to give up, you keep going, you get a second wind when the finish line is in sight.

This phrase jumped out at me like some kind of neon sign. In fact when I am finished this post I am going to put it somewhere on my sidebar or header.

Finish line momentum ...

Me, and a lot of you out there have come so far. I am 5kgs away from my goal. Yet instead of pushing myself harder, finding my second wind, I am exhausted from the fight.

So I am so close to the finish line and I've lost momentum. I've relaxed, I've started walking instead of running, and I am going even slower than I did when I started out.

Fortunately, I haven't stopped completely, turned around and headed back towards the start [although I did actually do that at one stage ...]. But I haven't dug deep enough to ... SPRINT ... towards the finish line.

Now before you worry that this indicates a "diet" mentality, that I have abandoned my "journey" philosophy, this is not true. What I realise is that I need to finish this particular leg of the race -- I need to actually cross the finish line and then work out what comes next. It might be another challenge like trying a new sport, but I need to get this project FINISHED before I can concentrate on something else.

Losing and gaining the same 2kg for almost 6 months is not maintaining -- let's not kid ourselves here -- it's stuffing around. Once my PMT is over [yeah excuses excuses] I am going to knuckle down and finish the race.

I can see that damn finish line, I can hear the cheering crowd in the distance -- and as God is my witness, I will get there. Sooner rather than later -- then I can figure what's next. One last superhuman effort, pushing beyond my comfort zone, working harder than I ever have before, that is what it will take. I'm not fresh and energised, full of enthusiasm, I'm a world weary warrior, but I can do this. Are you cheering me on??

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  1. Katie girl, I'm in the same place as you (almost literally! I'm 60.4kg!) I am trying to work out why (after such steady effort for months) I seem to have petered out. I just need to get down to approx 57kg and then maintenance can start. I feel like I'm messing around and just treading water! Good luck to both of us in conquering this last little bit of the journey.