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Saturday, 14 April 2007

Carbohydrate Refeed Experiment -- Day One

Weight = 61.1 : 17.7% BF
LBM = 50.3 : BF = 10.8

Weight this day last week (pre refeed) 61.4

Calories burned in exercise -- 25min strength training = 153

It seems such a shame to purposely eat carbs today when my stats are looking so good. But I am thinking it is to do with my unplanned overeating the last two weekends, so this time I am going to do it right and get to the 50's this time next week.

I have just got up and had a BANANA -- oh my God how exquisite is a banana when you haven't had one for nearly 6 months! And a glass of cold skim milk -- yum ...
I am going to go lift some weights in about 30 minutes.

Pre workout snack = 32g Cho : 9.3g Pro : 0.7g Fat - 165 calories.
Supplements = multivitamin, chromium, kelp [no fish oil today]

Check back later - I shall update throughout the day.

Worked out hard - could be my imagination but having something in your stomach makes a difference -- I normally work out empty. More energy than I've had in a while. Wobbly legs now.

For breakfast I had rolled oats and cinnamon pancakes, [used fat free yogurt instead of cottage cheese] banana, maple syrup and low fat icecream.
I think I have just died and gone to heaven.

Breakfast = 99g Cho : 30g Pro : 12g Fat - 616 calories.

My aplogies in advance to all you low carb people -- especially those on induction, for the following photo, but I just had to capture it before it went in my stomach.

All gone now!!!

To take your mind off that food, take a look at this article on Leptin and Refeeding.

And now for some entertainment this is my virtual model before and after.

Yes folks -- picture 1 is 135 pounds and picture 2 is 120 pounds -- and yep they are both exactly the same! Virtual model can't even deal with my goals -- no wonder I'm screwed!! LOL

Lunch - baked sweet potato and seafood salad
Lunch = 81g Cho : 24g Pro : 12g Fat - 510 calories
Supplements = Alpha Lipoic Acid, Potassium & Magnesium Aspartate

Have been experiencing feeling hot and sort of wired. I think my body is having problems regulating the influx of starches/sugars. I don't feel like I am having insulin spikes and crashes, probably because my carbs have been mostly low GI.

Weird observation -- I don't feel like I have to eat everything I've missed on low carb today because I know I get to do this again next week. Look at my lunch choice - protein and veges/salad -- not an out of control binge but what I really wanted to eat. I may be OK with this after all.

Afternoon snack - cornflakes and skim milk
Snack = 49g Cho: 7.5g Pro : 0.3g Fat - 223 calories

Dinner - whole wheat pasta, salsa and low fat cheese
Dinner = 42g Cho : 28g Pro : 5.2g Fat - 334 calories

Dessert - low carb icecream
Dessert = 11g Cho : 2.9g Pro : 2.2g Fat - 74 calories

End of day observations:
I feel fat, bloated, uncomfortable and tired. Sweet things taste so very sweet and leave a funny taste in your mouth. Although carbs fill up your stomach, I still feel strangely unsatisfied after eating them. Although I had adequate protein, I mostly got it from low fat dairy and eggs which didn't seem as filling as good old-fashioned fatty meat. The things I enjoyed the most today were the bananas and the sweet potato - good old fruit and vege! Who would have thought.

Don't feel the need to keep eating like this tomorrow, in fact, I am looking forward to going back to my low carb life. Mostly looking forward to the FAT!! [eating it not wearing it]

Total days tally
314g carbohydrates :103g protein : 33g fat : 35g fibre - total calories = 1922
which is close to my target of 300g carbs and 100g protein but I overdid it on the fat slightly by about 15 grams.

Now I have tomorrow's weigh in to look forward to ... AHHH!! I am seriously considering going for a run on the treadmill now even though it is 11pm because I feel "heavy".

Thank you and good night!!!


  1. You are tiny you tart! HUMPH !!!! And you can keep the pancakes ..... yes, you have commented once on my blog.... but I don't know if I've ever left one on yours... I probalby took one look at your lovley figure and spat the dummy! LOL... enjoy the yummy carbs .... you are officially on my favourites now.... OK!

  2. Hey Katie I wouldn't worry about the 15g of fats, 20g seems too low anyway.