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Sunday, 15 April 2007

The Results are In - CKD Day Two

First of all, contrary to popular belief that carbohydrate refeeding can trigger carb binging, bacon and eggs never tasted so good as they did this morning! I am happy to be back to protein and fat!

Now for the scale damage ... hold onto your hats folks ...

Weight 61.5kg 18% BF
LBM - 50.5 kg : BF - 11kg

Weight this time last week : 62.8kg

Increase from yesterday 400 grams.

How this happened I have no idea. But I'll take it. I didn't even gain a whole pound!!
This morning the bloating has gone and I look leaner I think. I hope a big gain doesn't show up tomorrow.

I read somewhere recently that weight loss is not about the maths of calories in vs calories out, it is about hormones. What exactly this means I have no idea, but I think my carbohydrate overload did something to my insulin, leptin and thyroid functions because I was burning like a furnace all day.

I wanted to do a big workout today but I have severe aches and pains from yesterday mornings workout. Might see if I can do some light reps later. Feeling good ...

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  1. I totally don't "get" what you are doing with this "Carb refeed" thing! And I have always believed that energy in must be less than energy out in order to lose weight, it works for me!