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Monday, 16 April 2007

CKD Day Three

Carbs 35g ; Protein 104g ; Fat 86g ; Calories 1322
Exercise - none [TTOM day 1]

Weight today - 62.3kg - 18.3% BF
LBM - 50.9 BF - 11.4
Exercise - Chest, Back, Triceps, Shoulders, Abs, Biceps - 4 x 12 reps, medium weights
New : added post work out [PWO] glass of skim milk

It took an extra day for the weight to show up on the scales. But only 1.2kg heavier than pre-refeed. Yesterday's eating was almost perfect. Didn't feel like eating more carbs at all. Happy to be back to protein and veges.

TTOM pretty severe so didn't do any exercise except some easy walking at the markets. Hubby bought me chocolate for comfort food but didn't want it. I said I would save it until Saturday.

Started on the pill last night so it might skew my weight loss this week. It has no estrogen so I am hoping it has no weight gain effects and that it helps with the PMT and heavy bleeding next time.

Added a PWO drink of milk to help with muscle repair. Apparently the combination of carbs and protein is ideal for muscle growth. I am trying to avoid the physical fatigue I experience when I low carb.

Aside from sore legs and a sore stomach, I feel like I have more energy than normal. Fingers crossed for a 1 kilo loss this week.


  1. You are so totally into the right foods etc it is scary! If I really wanted to I think I could go overboard on all of the ins and outs too... but at the moment it seems like too much hard work? Just doing the exercise and not pigging out is about all I can manage ...

  2. Katie are you taking just the sugar tablets at the moment?

    Just thinking it might pay to wait atleast a month so you can get a feel for how the refeeds are going?