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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

New Before and After

I was archiving some emails from 2003 and I found this photo.
I didn't think I was that big, but looking at my face, boobs and shoulders -- WOW! I think I forgotten how far I've come.

I know it is not ALL about how I look, but damn -- you can't deny it feels good to go from puffy and podgy to sexy. And even though I am now 4 years olders, I think I look younger.

Day 4 -- C L E A N


  1. You look Amazing Katie! And you do look younger in your after pictures. I think that's one of the best benefits of low-carb living. I lost weight on low-fat and just looked thinner. When I lose weight on low-carb I look younger as well. After reaching my goal in 2003, I was once told I look 10 years younger!

    It's always great to look back and remind ourselves just how far we have really come. Keep up the great work of staying CLEAN!!!

  2. Anonymous5:34 am

    Yeah, you definitely look younger... and pretty damn hot ;)

  3. Everyday Weekender10:34 am

    WoW.. what a difference.. keep up the good work and good luck!!

    Everyday Weekender

  4. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Wow katie, you are looking HOT!!!
    You are right, you look totally younger!!
    Sue xxx