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Thursday, 26 April 2007

Skinny Pants

Today I feel skinny. I wore my skinny pants to work today. You know the ones -- your skinny pants.

My skinny pants are a grey stretch material in a size 8. If I have any lumps and bumps, I don't wear them because they are uncomfortable and very revealing. I haven't worn them for a long time.

Today I felt skinny enough to wear my skinny pants. I got lots of compliments about my pants, my arse and even one "you've lost MORE weight". I actually had to wear my skinny pants today because my normal work pants are getting too big and keep falling down. And my rings are getting very loose.

My strength is improving as well. I have been struggling with my dumbells for months and have actually gone lighter rather than heavier because it has been too hard. Today, my normal weights felt light. So it is time to load up the dumbells with some more weight.

Another bonus is my 5ex drive -- when I said I couldn't keep my pants on -- it's in more ways than one!

People keep asking me, what have I changed recently. I tell them, I only stay on my low carb diet 6 days a week and then eat carbs on one day. Unfortunately they don't see porridge, sweet potatoes, cornflakes and rice crackers as much of a treat as I do.

They are also mystified at how I eat on a "diet" day. Today we had a leaving lunch at a restaurant for a co-worker. I ate veal, eggplant, boccinini cheese and tomato salsa. I feel like I have won the jackpot.

I eat protein and fat to my heart's content, and when I get a carb craving, I only have to wait a few days until I can eat it. The weight is falling off and I am full of energy. My muscles are popping and I am happier than I have been in a long time.

It feels like my body and I are finally getting along. It may seem strange to say this after being under 62 kgs for nearly two years but I finally *almost/mostly/usually* like the way I look.

It doesn't matter if I crack the 50's this week, or next week, or the week after because now I know that I will do it -- without hunger, without eating under 1000 calories a day, without chest pains, and without working out twice a day 6 days a week.

What am I?


  1. Anonymous9:31 pm

    You are doing really well! I just looked through your recent posts and there is soooo much info to take in! he he! that's good!
    I'm just wondering if you would mind posting what you would normally eat in a day? i.e - a day when you don't have carbs? I'm curious! I basically have the same stats as you but have the last 4 or so kg's to go! grrrr! They're the hardest!

    You go girl!!!

  2. How awesome Katie! I'm so excited for you! We need to celebrate girlfriend! :0)

  3. Anonymous8:06 am

    Hey Katie!!
    You are hot that is what you are!!!! On fire baby!!
    Sue xxxxx

  4. Good stuff Katie its so good seeing someone else giving it a try. How much did you weigh this morning?

    I soooo want to know! LOL

  5. Size 8 ! Woo hoo! I am not aiming that low, a 12 would be just fine! Have a wonderful weekend chick.