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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Balls of Steel

You've got to have bollocks to do the CKD thing. I should be near pre re-feed weight by today and I am not.

Can I lose 1.6kg in the next 3 days?

You bet your bollocks I can!

The yellow shading shows Day One of TTOM so although I am not doing well compared to last week, I am ahead compared to 4 weeks ago which may mean something ... or nothing!

If I don't make it to the 50s by Saturday -- does it matter? Will you love me any less? Will I have "failed"?

Nah ... I have BALLS OF STEEL !!!!

This is what I will be seeing VERY VERY soon ...


  1. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Good luck on reaching the 50s Katie. I'm a new reader of your blog..... just having a good nosy now (was pointed in this direction by another blogger).

    Hope you don't mind - feel free to come check me and my ramblings out.


  2. I can't even IMAGINE seeing those numbers in this lifetime ever again... unless I'm friggin ill as! Or maybe I will shrink when I'm really old, and will it matter then do ya think? Ha ha ha.

  3. Anonymous6:30 pm

    You can do it katie!! I can feel the 50's edging your way!! Remember, slow and steady wins the race!! And you will be a bloody winner!!!!
    Sue xxxxxx