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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Scooters, Change, Picnics, Backbends and Scooters

Everyone has heard of "The 5ecret". It is all over blogland, and the internet.

I know ... 0prah ... materialism ... sickness ... psychobabble ... commercialism ... making money off people's misery etc. etc. I am fully aware of the limitations and drawbacks of preaching "mind over matter" so please don't bother to remind me :)

But I have to tell you about my day.

First of all the prelude -- I managed to get my hands on the audiobook "The 5ecret" and have been listening to it during my workouts. But I find music is better to get me going so I had only listened to the first little bit without much impact.

So this morning I got up early to take my Scooter into the shop. It has had trouble starting and has already been in once and not fixed. When I went to start it up this morning -- no luck -- dead as a doornail. You'll agree this is annoying when I already asked them to fix it and they didn't. Not a good way to start the day.

As I was facing a 40 minute bus ride, I grabbed my ipod and jumped on the bus, and listened to the tracks.

On the bus this morning, I decided to try thinking positive thoughts, changing the way I was feeling [shitty] and trying to "love" the world. [Quite difficult for me who finds most people annoying].

This is what happened in bullet points

  1. When I bought a can of tuna for lunch and a diet coke on the way to work, the man in the 7-11 gave me a huge discount -- he said it was a special discount for working at the White Sail Asylum.
  2. Mid morning my husband who is having a RDO today, rang to invite me to a picnic lunch in the Gardens. Normally I have so many meetings I don't get a lunch break. Today, I had time for lunch. He arrived at the appointed time with prawns, chicken, and salad and we had lunch together.
  3. At yoga this evening we did backbends. I have never been able to do a backbend and when the instructor urged me to try one on my own I was about to say "I can't do these". I consciously stopped half way through the statement and changed it to "I've never done one of these before" instead. I did it -- I did a backbend tonight for the first time!
  4. The Scooter shop rang to organise picking up my Scooter today [last time it took days for them to come]. When I got home tonight, I had a replacement Scooter to ride while mine was in the shop [didn't happen last time either].

You have to agree that the laws of attraction might work -- they worked for me today! Could be co-incidence, some freaky alignment of the planets or just a lucky break, but I don't care -- I'll take it.

So here is what I have to say about my weight today. I was 61.3kg this morning. That is a loss of 1.2kg overnight. If I did that last night, I can do it tonight, so I am confident I will see at least 59.9kg on Saturday. As dear Vickie commented, you can't judge if it's working until weigh in day.

Oh, and I figured out the source of the cold-sore -- I got a flu vaccine on Thursday afternoon and my body must have thought it was a real cold virus and reacted appropriately. I must say though, that it has healed amazingly quickly. They used to [pre life-change] take at least a week to heal. It is only 3 days in and it's nearly all better.

I am having a good day. Josie might be the only one who gets this post -- so this is for you!!


  1. very good post - like it was just wanting to be read my me - I am adding a link to it to my lemonade post from yesterday!!!

  2. that was "BY me" - I looked and looked at it - and it didn't LOOK right but I couldn't figure it out.

  3. Did you buy a lotto ticket?

  4. I'm glad you are having a better day! Congrats on all the great stuff happeining to you!

  5. A-ha!!! I certainly do get it!!! Thank you for thinking of me!