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Friday, 11 May 2007

What's in my purse?

I got tagged by Sparky's Girl to reveal what is in my purse.

Unfortunately, I don't have a purse anymore because last night I was mugged. I wish it was just one of my feeble attempts to be funny but alas it is true.

Some c^nt [only word I can think of] attacked and robbed me outside my back gate. I gave chase but to no avail.

What kind of world do we live in? Did I look like a victim? If I am so strong why didn't I tackle him to the ground before he could get away?

I'm off to self defense training tomorrow because this is never going to happen again.

There are positives though - there are strangers who are exceptionally kind, Police who are good at their jobs, and husbands who run off into the night with a kitchen knife in their back pocket. I didn't get hurt, I reacted with anger rather than fear, I only lost my wallet and not my phone, blackberry, keys or work security pass, my debit and credit cards were cancelled before they were used and I will be much more careful in future. I was contemplating learning martial arts before this so it has given me impetus to enrol in a class.

Notwithstanding all that -- if the laws of attraction are true [the Secret blah blah ...] then God know why I am attracting all this crap into my life. Cat dies ... get mugged ... bloat up like a balloon ... all in the space of a week.

Speaking of bloating up like a balloon, the pill is officially banned. I have been consistently significantly over 62kg for the past week which is above my "ceiling". I didn't have a real period last week, it was just spotting because now I am in the midst of serious PMT. No better than off the pill - just larger boobs to be even more painful. Stopped taking the pill two nights ago and this morning I am down to 61.9kg so an obvious correlation.

Going to have an easy carb-up tomorrow - probably just porridge, toast and a bit of fruit in addition to my usual fare. I will try to stick to lowish calories.

Hope your life is better than mine!!


  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear about the mugging!! I can imagine the anger!! So glad to hear you weren't hurt!!

  2. I am so sorry to hear you got mugged. Thank the Lord you weren't hurt!
    Honestly, I don't believe you attract good and bad in your life. Things happen to everyone, regardless of your outlook or beliefs. I do think your attitude makes a difference in how you deal with those events, but that's about it.

    Did I tell you about the pill I was on called Yasmin? No gain, bloat, anything! If you ever decide to give it a try again, you might ask for that one and see if you have different results.

    Sending ((((HUGE HUGS)))) your way!

  3. Ackkkk sorry to hear that Katie!

    Go do self-defence Katie and if you ever run into him give him a good kick up the crown jewels plus another from me!

  4. Aww hun, how awful for you!! Things can only get better! Chin up hun!
    S x

  5. That week SUCKED!!! My god. It can only get better than that.

    I just found your blog. I'm adding it to the links on mine. Nice job here!!