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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Fasting and Family

Last night was an unexpected eating debacle!

At the last minute I decided to go to the Convention Gala Dinner thinking I could eat healthy. Don't know why, but I gave in to the dessert.

It was a set meal with alternating menus and I did well with entree and main. I got the Caesar salad (not the pasta) and the baked chicken with almonds but I did succumb to the mashed potato it was sitting on (not very much of it though). The dessert was put in front of me and I was unable to not eat it. It is different when you have to order it and chose to eat dessert but when someone plonks a profiterole with chocolate and cream in front of you it is hard to resist. So ... I didn't.

I really enjoyed it but I didn't need it. I felt guilty and spineless -- which is stupid really because it is only food and not really that many calories/carbs.

So today I ventured into the world of intermittent fasting. I have been thinking about skipping meals for a while (especially breakfast) but have been a little frightened of being hungry again like the old low fat/calorie days.

But today, I decided to not eat all day and only eat dinner. One of the reasons being that I was going out for tea at my brother's house and wasn't sure what I would have to resist (not more pudding PLEASE).

It wasn't bad at all. I had moments of hunger during the day, but like nicotine cravings (experienced during my stop smoking phase) the feeling is not constant but comes and goes. I walked past the scones with jam and cream and the donuts with more jam and more cream offered at morning and afternoon tea and didn't even survey what was on offer for lunch. I did perfectly fine.

For dinner (at my brother's) I had grilled chicken and salad, and just had some muesli and yogurt for supper.

I feel really good. I feel thin and back in control. I'm proud of myself for today.

I don't think my metabolism is going to crash after one day. I don't think I am going to develop an eating disorder. I just think that one or two meals a day might suit me better.

I am not sure if I am going to do this tomorrow or not, but it's another experiment worth pursuing. Are you sick of me changing my mind all the time yet?

My brother's wife has always been very slim and I thought she was naturally thin. Tonight I found out differently. She works hard to stay in shape. She has to eat well, and exercise and thinks she is larger than she is. She is probably the only woman I know personally who looks great because she conscientiously and diligently looks after herself.

She never even mentions it -- when I grow up I want to be just like her ...


  1. aH FOR THE UPS AND DOWNS... I only ever have two meals a day... works for me. Main meal is usually mid day, smaller one ate night. Stuff breakfast, hate exercising on food.

  2. If you're going to do it don't let your body adapt to it. You have a very clued on body Katie, it does not want to let that fat go without a fight. One of the worst things about skipping meals etc is your body does adapt to it and slows down accordingly. You don't have far to go but the way your body is fighting you it may still beat you to the mark.

    So keep it as unpredictable as you can.

    Don't let your calories over all get too low either if I remember correctly when Eades was experimenting with IF he was also making up the calories unbetween fasts.

  3. I hope you have a neat weekend, even with the crap weather you guys are having!

  4. Funny thing when we learn that people we have always envied for being 'naturally thin' share with us that in fact, food is an issue for them. I hate to say I feel relieved (because it means they have issues), but it does make me feel better knowing that God hasn't only singled me out!!!

  5. I did the intermittent fasting, now I just eat when I want to. It is usually 3 times a day, but sometimes it's only 2 meals. Calories and carbs usually total out the same.

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