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Sunday, 3 June 2007

Old Friend -- New Body

I have been in Brisbane for two days and have been hanging out with my BFF called Sue. We have been friends since 1981 so that is a LONG time.

We have been at school together, done teenage angst together, been bridesmaids at each others weddings and fall back into friendship easily even though it has been years since we've seen each other.

I don't really have any other girlfriends so it is interesting to get a female perspective on my life and weightloss.

All though the past 26 years, she's been the skinny one (a size 8) and I've been the fat one. She is now a solid size 12-14 and I'm the skinny one. It is a very weird change in roles.

We have been shopping and I have finally bought new clothes (as opposed to St Vinnies second hand ones) that fit me including underwear, workout gear and jeans. We have gotten changed together in the changing rooms and we have been talking about my new shape.

She thinks that I should get some plastic surgery to fix the bits I still don't like. The skin on my tummy and the skin inside my thighs. She insightfully mentioned that these things were things I couldn't change without surgery and were stopping me feeling satisfied or proud of my incredible transformation. She said that it was like spending money on expensive clothes to look and feel good, spending money on fixing up the broken bits would make me feel and look how I wanted to in my head.

Maybe she has a point -- I have invested two years of really hard work into this and there are some things that no diet and exercise are ever going to change. What if it costs thousands of dollars? It is not anymore vain than spending money on a car, on shoes or holidays [which I don't do any of].

So when I get back to Sydney I am going to see a plastic surgeon and check it out. A boob job is probably just vanity/optional but the sagging skin is a necessity. Otherwise I am always going to hate what I see in the mirror. In fact the smaller I get, the worse it is -- no wonder it's hard to stay motivated.

I deserve this, the ultimate reward for watching what I eat, getting up at the crack of dawn to exercise every day, and taking care of my body. Just the same as buying a beautiful designer dress but in this case, it will last for the rest of my life and won't go out of fashion.

Now I just need someone to take care of me while I recover ... [because DH is crap with sickies!!]


  1. I am all for plastic surgery if it is really needed, as was in my case.... but a word of warning... if you have not had children yet and plan on them, leave ya tummy alone for now! What would be the point of tightening up the belly just to stretch the hell out of it to have a kid or two and end up with saggy skin again? Plastic surgery costs a friggin lot... but is so worth it!

  2. You've worked so hard! If this will make you feel better, go for it!!