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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Reach Your Goal Weight Today!

No this is not an advertisement for some instant fat dissolving lotion that will give you miraculous immediate weight loss -- it's about what's in your head.

My focus this week is being present in the moment -- all we have is now. Us weight loss folks spend our time thinking about the past -- "I used to be SO fat ..." or the future -- "if I could just lose those last x pounds/kilos I would reach my goal weight".

If you are one of the lucky [or unlucky] ones who has actually seen that magical number goal weight number on the scales, can you remember how great that made you feel! I bet you were proud and satisfied at your achievement. Notwithstanding that some of us react to this momentous occasion by a) eating everything in sight or b) thinking it is not actually thin enough after all and decide to keep going, it is still a pretty good day in the life of a dieter.

So how can TODAY be the day you reach your goal weight?? Easy -- make your goal today, this minute when you step on the scales, to be the weight you actually are today. Doesn't matter if it is more or less than yesterday or last week, it is your goal for this moment in time.

After all, you can't actually change it by wishing, hoping or cutting off your arm can you?

So be happy with it -- it is the perfect weight for today. It doesn't matter if it is more than you might have wanted because of carb bloat, water retention, PMT or some freaky alignment of the stars, or a lower number than you've sen since you were 12 because yesterday you had some hideous stomach virus and vomited all day -- today's weight is your goal weight.

Now that you've reached you goal you can stop depriving yourself and eating what you think you should be eating in order to lose weight.

You can eat good clean healthy food that makes you feel good. If you don't like low fat yogurt, eat the full fat variety for a change, have real honey on your oatmeal, have a bit of fruit [if you are a low carb devotee] -- eat well. Honour your body by treating it with respect and giving it the good food it deserves. If you are hungry - eat, if you aren't - don't bother. You have permission to get off the dieting roller coaster because guess what -- tomorrow you will reach your goal weight again no matter what. Whatever the scales say tomorrow will be your goal for tomorrow.

Don't waste away your life, your focus and your concentration on reaching something in the future that may not ever eventuate. Celebrate and enjoy today - you are alive, you are loved and the only person who is concerned about the number on the scale is you. Get outside and move that fabulous body that you have, clear your mind, refresh your spirit and get on with more important things.

It is all in your head ... and thoughts are the only things we can change instantaneously.

Congratulations - you are at the perfect weight for you today!!


  1. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Yeah, I love this post Katie,.... I have to say I am a b) person... always wanting to go that wee bit further!! Crazy I know but that is me.... thanks for your blog babe... I love reading it!! You have how I am feeling down to a T sometimes!!!
    S x