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Friday, 22 June 2007

Where do all the Bloggers go?

I have 81 bloggers listed with my Bloglines feed which alerts me everytime they get updated. On most days this is around 25 of them. Some of my favourite blogs become strangely quiet and then just stop.

Where have they gone. Are they lost? Have they fallen down the back of the sofa? Have their computers imploded?

Have they learned the secret to weight loss and good health and are so busy enjoying their new lives that they no longer need to pour out their daily/weekly joy and/or angst at what the scales say?

Or ... have they found this all too hard and slipped back to their "before" weight?

I hope they are successful and not just ashamed. Funny, complex, and fascinating bloggers should continue to write about all manner of things. The secret society of anonymous fans is missing your input. Come home ... speak to us ...


  1. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Hehe, I feel the same as you Katie.... I watch the blogs like I would a soap!!!
    S x

  2. Same here! I've not been blogging much because of work and getting my house on the market. But I still check my favorites several times a week.

    It's summer! Maybe that's it?

  3. I blog every day mate..... that's if ya check me out that is!! Have a wonderful weekend chick.

  4. My bloglines have been pretty quiet lately too. Must be all the busy-ness. :0)