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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

I Hate Winter

All of those lads and lasses in the northern hemisphere are the recipients of my envy. Hot days, warm balmy nights, swimming and the smell of summer.

Down here in Australia it is disgustingly cold and wet. I know we are in a drought and need the rain, but it depresses me so much. I am chilly enough in summer, so in winter I am downright miserably cold. There is something to be said for a warm layer of blubbery fat.

It is so hard to be motivated about exercise and food. It is hard to be cold AND hungry. All I want is hot raisin toast with melted butter - for every meal. Lunch is the hardest, tuna and salad is not very nourishing on a cold cold day. And it's hard to get enough protein in your old vege soup [not a great fan of soup except pumpkin soup which is rather high carb].

I long for summer where my appetite goes away, my skin is browned by the sun, and running in the cool evenings while it is still light is exhilarating.

Thank God we have just passed the shortest day, but I think I am going to bury my head under my doona until September.


  1. Trident make some "Noodle Soups" that I cook in the microwave here at work (you're supposed to used the stove top, beggar that for a joke), and I buy some Basa Fillets from Coles or Woolies to add for protein - makes a huge meal.

    The soups are only 852kJ, and that's with the little oil sachet you're supposed to add (I don't cause it's got garlic and I don't want to reek at work!!) and the fish is pretty low KJ, PLUS the noodles are minimal and I add mushrooms and peas for some veggies.

    Just thought I'd offer a low KJ, high protein suggestion!! :)

    - Katie

  2. Got room under that doona cos I'm with you, winter sucks! BIG TIME. There is NOTHING good about winter, NOTHING..

  3. Winter is sub-freezing where I am, but it doesn't last all that long so I don't complain.

    Endless drizzling cold rain, though, would totally suck!

    If you're hungry, can't you eat more protein and fat? I just can't see how any eating plan that leaves you hungry is good (not to imply any on you, but for me the best part of LCing is not being hungry). Surely if you're cold AND hungry, you have all the charm of a cranky bear! ;-)