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Saturday, 7 July 2007

8 M1inutes in the M0rning

The exercise program that I followed when I lost all my weight was called 8 M1nutes in the M0rning by J0rge Cru1se. I have never blogged about this before because it sounds like some 'miracle' cure and common thinking suggests that 8 minutes is simply not long enough to provide any real fitness benefit.

Nevertheless, it worked for me and by simply doing 2 exercises a day in 4 sets of 12 reps while just eating good healthy food saw me lose 20kgs with little or no effort. In fact I used to boast that I lost weight without raising a sweat or doing any cardio, but nowadays that sounds too good to be true.

My girlfriend from Brisbane who I caught up with last month, has been struggling with her weight. I took her off to the bookshop and got her to buy the book.

This is the email I got from her yesterday -

I’ve been enjoying the 8 minutes and my clothes are fitting a lot better if not
a little too big in some items. Here are the details as of a week ago…

Upper arm 2 cm less
Chest 2cm (sigh….lol)
Waist 2.5cm
Thighs 2.5cm
Hips 6cm (which seems bizarre because I still think they are huge!!)
Weight 4 kilos less

So my belief in this program is not unfounded. It has motivated me to go back to the same program myself for a month to see if I can recreate similar results.

You can create a similar exercise program without buying the book by following this format. All exercises use weights [dumbells, ankle weights, body weight]. Do 12 of exercise A then 12 of exercise B without rest 4 times.
M: A: chest B: back
T: A: abs B: shoulders
W: A: biceps B: triceps
Th: A: quads B: hamstrings
F: A: glutes B: calves
S: A: inner thighs B: outer thighs


  1. You are a dork? lol, how many people will look at that and say "ummmm, what do I do for me chest, back etc with weights?" Do I put the weights on me chest then??? Photos mate, pictures of the exercises for the dim witted eh? NOT that I'm one of the dim witted.... but there may be some out there! Interesting concept, only 8 minutes per morning!

  2. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Katie just posted the format to follow. You can do any chest, back, ab, etc exercise that you prefer.
    So on Monday is chest and back. Do 1 chest exercise and 1 back exercise, 12 repititions, each exercise repeated 4 times.

    (Katie was it only 1 exercise from the chest and back or 2 each - I wasn't too sure on that)

  3. It's one of each folks.
    This morning I did chest press x 12 followed by bent over rows x 12 for a total of 4 times each.
    If you use heavy enough weights [so that the last 2 are really tough] it turns out to be quite hard work!
    Chris, if you need photos and instructions try for some ideas.