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Monday, 9 July 2007

Weeday and Snot Gravy

Two totally unrelated thing.

(1) Monday should be called wee day. After carbing up* on Saturday, then eating low carb on Sunday, Monday is the day that my body releases all the extra fluid the carbs attract. I spend so much time on the loo it is embarrasing.

* I don't think this carb cycling is working for me. I am gradually gaining weight, not losing it. And whatever I ate on Saturday [mostly a bread overload] it made me feel very ill. There is also not much left that I really crave because everything so far has made me sick or has been not as delicious as I remember it.

(2) This evening my husband discovered that in order to make gravy, all you need is a thickening agent which doesn't have to be flour. Tonight we tried psyllium husk in the bottom of the roast lamb pan. Admittedly, it had the texture of snot, but it was flavoursome and added that bit of moisture to the meat.


  1. The texture of snot,... mate that is gross... I've seen too much friggin snot this past week or so to not go ewwwwwww at the thought of gravy looking like snot! And if the re-caarbing etc ain't working, stop doing it!

  2. I use guar gum to thicken gravey now. It does tent to get a little slimey and rubbery sometimes, but it tastes good!

  3. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Hey babe, have you thought about doing ww again?
    S xxxx

  4. xanthum gum is probably the most tolerated, give that a go.

    Katie it sounds like you are really knocking these cravings on the head if your getting sick of carb ups. How come your still doing them, I thought you were having a break from all the dieting?
    I am wondering if there is something you have started having again that you really aren't tolerating.