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Thursday, 12 July 2007


"Forgive me Father for I have sinned, it has been some months since my last confession .... I have gained weight..."

Yes, folks, instead of the usual euphemisms like "fallen off the wagon", "over my ceiling", "kilo creep", I am 'fessing up.

This morning the scales said 64kg.

There is no use denying it, or pretending everything is OK because it's not. I have been out of control on my Saturday re-feeds and significant damage has been done.

So this is my confession. My clean slate. My re-starting point.

I will stick to med-low carb, I will exercise more, I will try to not let the stress at work take a toll on my health. I will not deprive myself of all carbs so that I get so exhausted that I can't function properly.

It's not the end of the world, I don't have an incurable disease, I haven't lost a loved one, it is just plain and simple fat. Fat that needs to go.

Down here in the southern hemisphere it is 6 weeks till Spring. I am going to stay on plan and focussed for the next 6 weeks and undo the damage I've done. It's only 4 kilos which shouldn't be that difficult for a weight loss expert like me.

Think of it as my winter coat - it's kept me warm(ish) but it's time to go ...

Curiously though, I sort of look the same and my pants still fit. Maybe I look a little softer around the edges but I don't really look much fatter [and don't even suggest it's just muscle - muscle my arse!!].

I am forgiving myself, accepting where I am today and commencing the process of healing myself. I will NOT take diet pills or sign up for some crash diet of egg whites and chicken breasts even if it promises to shift this extra flab in just a week.

I am re-adjusting my course to settle back at my "normal" weight. I have been slim for 2 years now, my body knows what to do.

Here we go ... another adventure!!!


  1. Hmmm, I would not stress too much mate, you can and will get it off again.. the weight I mean.... ha ha ha. I am sure you still look bloody hot mate! I would KILL to be 64 kilos!!!

  2. Babes, super low carb is no good for your brain! Did it, was sooooo thin but became very vague. I had a car accident (my fault), lost a job, locked my keys in the car repeatedly, got pissed on 2 drinks, never worked out. I am into medium carbs - its true us Aussie eat too much white flour etc etc. You sound so into it you don't need any encouragement - wow 6 weeks till Spring? I'm in Melbourne so that means it's 12 weeks for us! Take care.