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Friday, 13 July 2007

A Mess of Stress

The latest study to do the rounds of blogworld states that stress makes you fat. Apparently it has something to do with some poor old mice that were fed junk food when they were under stress and they got fat.

Now aside from the fact the junk food would make you fat anyway, it seems a rather extreme dieting method to remove all stress from your life.

For me, that would mean leaving my high pressure, high paid job. This is the job that contributes to me getting up every morning and attacking my days with courage and determination. Although I probably don't enjoy or relish stress, I, at the very least, embrace it as my motivation to conquer all those problems I deal with every day.

Up until last month, I had a team of 7 people. Due to an organisational re-structure, I have, as of today, 2 people left of the original team. Until I can recruit and train their replacements, I am doing the work of 5 people to keep things moving along. At last count, I have 17 different events to deliver in the next 3 weeks. This could perhaps be somewhat stressful.

So what can I do? Ummm ... nothing! I can blame my 4kg gain on the stress I am under at work but how will that improve things? It will probably add to the pressure -- not only am I completely overworked, I am fat as well!!

I am not going to pack up my desk and resign. I am not going to devour chocolate bars because I'm doomed to be fat anyway. I am going to acknowledge that this is stressful and just get through it.

I'm staying away from junkfood and mice in the hope that I can limit the damage. Being busy though has resulted in a new diet strategy. I haven't had lunch all week and haven't missed it. Seems counter intuitive to eat on the run when you don't have time to enjoy it (and possibly can't digest it properly). So big breakfast and big dinner for me.

Result: 63.9kg this morning, a few extra grey hairs and bags under my eyes. Plus the obligatory cold sore of course. Did I mention that I have PMT as well and my breasts feel like they are going to explode.

In spite of all this, I am quite happy. Deranged obviously, but happy, nonetheless!


  1. Yep, you sound deranged mate! Glad you are happy though... nice combo that is.... do ya look deranged and mental? lol

  2. I think the hormone cortisol that stress releases more of in the body, is a bigger worry than whether someone will binge. I tend to think binge-eating is something that may be aggravated by stress but not necessarily caused by it. (Short of the stressful situation causing it, e.g. someone spending a lot of time in a hospital eating out of a vending machine while exhausted.)

    It sounds like you are one of those people who thrive on stress. ;-) 17 events in three weeks! Holy cats girl, you got your hands full!