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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Truth?

This morning I weigh 63.1kg. That is almost 0.9kg in 6 days.

The secret to this weight loss success for someone who is notoriously slow in losing any kind of weight is twofold.

1. Skipping meals - well I could call it intermittent fasting if I was being all high falutin' but it means that I skip lunch. Being so busy at work I don't seem to mind. It also gives me the freedom to eat a big dinner with dessert and not feel guilty. In fact last night I had dinner at 11-30pm and I ate 4 sausages, some baby potatoes and a slice of bread [that is high carb for me] and still saw a loss today.

1a. I should probably mention my new "little helpers" - but I risk the wrath of everyone thinking I am a diet pill junkie. All I am taking is some herbal pills with green tea, guarana, bitter orange, ginseng and yerba mate [I love the sound of yerba mate - it makes me think it's the name of a person who guides you up Mt Everest]. They help with the 4 o'clock hump which happens whether I eat lunch or not.

2. My own personally proven scientific theory that states "the youngest fat is the easiest to lose". In other words, if the fat has only just recently taken up residence in your body, it is very easy to get rid of. It's the stuff that has been there since 1981 which is always going stay lodged in your hips and thighs and give you the finger if you even try to negotiate a release date for it.

So why is this post called truth? I have been thinking about how easy it is to make stuff up for your blog. You people don't know if all this is actually truthful or if I am writing fiction. I could easily be a middle age balding man with a pot belly and an unhealthy fascination with Star Trek and you wouldn't know the difference. I could have airbrushed my "after" photo which may have been taken when I was 14. How would you know??

More importantly, would you care? I read how people lose massive amounts of weight in a short amount of time and wonder if it is actually true. But the bottom line is that I don't really care if it is true of not. Fact or fiction, I am inspired and motivated by stories of success. I don't actually mind if you are lying to me because I don't know you. I only know your words.

Although some blogs are meant to be a personal journal, they are published in a public space. To some degree we all write for an audience as well as for ourselves. We either embellish or censor the truth. And that's OK - you don't owe me anything. After all, the point of reading blogs is not to uncover some earth shattering philosophy [although that can happen], but to distract me from heading to the fridge. It's reality TV in cyberspace, and it's not always "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" ... and that's perfectly fine by me!


  1. Hell I hope you are not some old bald disgusting guy sitting in front of his computer!!! I'm sure you're not.... really I am....
    And as for truth.. everything you read on my blog is totally true mate! I ai'nt into bullshitting about anything!

  2. Bald isn't bad, I have met some quite hot bald men, but the pot belly and pretending to be a chick is what I'm finding a bit foul.

  3. I never thought about blogs that way. And you're right - it doesn't matter. If I can read a blog and take something away, whether it be inspiration, motivation or just some confirmation that I am not crazy, then it is all worth it.

    By the way,I totally agree on your youngest fat theory. I can put on a couple of kgs on a big weekend, and lose it in a day or two. Wish it was all that easy!