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Sunday, 22 July 2007

It will happen overnight

After the success on the scales, I went for a bit of a refeed yesterday. Of course it's a bit like being pregnant - you either are or you aren't, so a "bit" of a refeed is essentially the same as an all out carb-fest.

I didn't eat particularly healthy food, but I ate what I wanted.
- zuchini fritter from the Rozelle Markets
- potato wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream
- small chocolate marshmellow bear
- icecream cone
- oatmeal pancakes
- rice crackers
- 4 mini sausage rolls

I didn't do the sums but it wasn't a lot of carbs or calories as opposed to previous Saturday's when I have eaten a whole pizza.

But the way I look and feel this morning is just as bad as any other Sunday morning after going high carb. My face is bloated, I have puffy eyes and my rings are snug on my fingers. I look like I have been crying all night. I have a hangover type headache.

This got me thinking about immediate consequences. How would we live our (weightloss) lives if the results appeared overnight?

Imagine that you ate healthy food, lifted weights and drank all your water for just one day. Then the next day you woke up slim with bulging muscles and clear skin. If you ate pies and hotdogs and sat on the couch, the next day you would be 2 sizes bigger with flabby arms and a droopy bum.

If this was how the world worked, I think I would be more disciplined with my choices. If I knew that not exercising for one day would reverse all the hard work I've done to date, I am sure I would choose to exercise. If eating crap would make me instantly fat again, I don't think I would be tempted.

It appears that eating carbs do have an instantaneous negative result with me. This makes me reconsider my choices.

I might try approaching my food and exercise decisions with the thought that "it will happen overnight" and maybe it might make a difference.

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  1. I'm the same way Katie. Eating carb has instantaneous negative results. I have to be very careful!