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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Multiple Choice Quiz

Katie's healthy life effort has been de-railed. Yes I know I am referring to myself in the third person but if this is going to work, referring to "me" or "I" will just confuse you when answering the questions.

1. Why has Katie been eating crappy food for the past 3 days?
(a) She is too overworked and after working 14 hour days she has no energy left to make healthy food
(b) Her DH feels sorry for her working so hard and buys her treats which are too difficult to resist after the long day she has had
(c) She has lost her mojo
(d) All of the above

2. Why has Katie not been exercising as she should?
(a) She is too overworked and after working 14 hour days she has no energy the next morning to work out
(b) She feels sorry for herself and somewhat tired so she treats herself by doing nothing
(c) She has lost her mojo
(d) All of the above

3. Why has Katie not weighed herself since Saturday morning
(a) Saturday's weekly weigh in indicated a 0.8kg gain from the previous week
(b) She is too frightened to see if she has reached an all time (recent) high
(c) She is too tired to deal with the depression from seeing the number mentioned in (b)
(d) She can feel her thighs touching more than they used to
(e) All of the above

4. What has Katie done to reverse this downward spiral?
(a) Started Turbulence Training (Bodyweight) program this morning - at Beginner level (thanks Skwigg for the free PDF)
(b) Went to yoga this evening instead of working
(c) Banished real chocolate from her desk drawer
(d) Really filled up on meat and veges tonight and skipped dessert
(e) Fuck the mojo - let's just do it
(f) All of the above

5. Is there any hope for Katie?
(a) Tomorrow is 1st August, always an excuse to start fresh
(b) Although scale weight might be horrifying, Katie still likes how she looks in the mirror
(c) Katie has two new staff members that started yesterday that will soon relieve the pressure she is under
(d) Katie has decided to call this lull in progress a "bulking" phase even though she realises that you need to lift weights to build muscle!
(e) Katie realises that she is not alone and many bloggers are experiencing a similar seasonal hiccup - either mid winter blues, or mid summer lethargy
(f) No-one (including DH) really notices if Katie is 4 or 5 kilos lighter or heavier. Most people (including DH) barely notice her hair is significantly shorter than it was last week. Katie is noticed however for her intelligence, competence, sense of humour and resilience in circumstances that would break lesser beings. Although Katie cares if you can see her abs in the mirror, she suspects no-one, nobody, not one other person on this planet gives a shit.
(g) All of the above


  1. Oh you poor thing. You'll find your mojo again soon! Sounds like you've got a good plan ready. Let me know what you think about Turbulence Training. I've heard amazing awesome things but have been too cheap to get it.

  2. Ha ha ha, you are a scream mate! Of course we care that you are not happy with ya body.... though I am bloody sure you look fantastic.... you will get back your mojo and will be fine!!!! Just a hiccup as you say.....

  3. Katie,
    Hang in there lady! Of course someone gives a shit about how you are feeling someone like me who happens to be feeling almost exactly the same way! LOL Thanks for putting it all into words. I could have written some of this same stuff this week including the ladies at work.

    If I can drag my lazy a$$ back to the gym you can do this!! That is not a challenge btw just a comment about me!

  4. sounds like you may have already found that mojo! you go girl!

  5. What a great post and a your attitude is great. Bewdy love!

  6. You are a scream! "Fuck the Mojo" made me laugh out loud. I can't wait to read more of your posts!

  7. Hi Katie! I've tagged you for meme. If you have already done it, or don't want to, no biggie. But if you are interested, here is the link that explains it all.