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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Has She Abandoned Her Low Carb Ways?

Before you start saying "I told you low carb a) is bad for you, b) will make your brain malfunction or c) doesn't work, I would like to strongly impress upon you that the Total Wellbeing Diet is still low carb and more importantly NOT low fat.

Now I am not the poster child for following a diet very well, as you all know, so yesterday was a little "underdone" but I will give you the results:

Day Total - 1268 calories
F: 43.6g
P: 132.5g
C: 82g

Now I missed out 2 serves of fruit, one diary and I ate more than 200g of protein for dinner (because I wasn't cutting off a quarter of my delicious chicken breast) and even though I need to eat a bit more, I think the macros are perfectly acceptable.

The best bits of yesterday - a glass of milk (it was full fat because that is all we had), apple and yoghurt for dessert and a ham and salad toasted sandwich.

Yes boys and girls - who would have thought that I would be so happy about simple good food that you all eat all the time. YUM!

And the best part - weight this morning was 63.8kg which is down 0.6kgs from yesterday. Now I did weigh in late (mid morning is always lighter than at dawn's first light) but I'll take it.

1 comment:

  1. Hurrah! Bravo!

    I don't find hunger an issue on this diet Katie, apart from the usual 4pm suagr-crave which I have had since I was a kid and probably always will.