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Friday, 17 August 2007

Inspired by Kitty and Rachael

Fellow bloggers Kitty (careful of clicking on this link at work as the latest post is a little naughty UPDATE: I think it is safe now!)and Rachael have started on the CSIRO diet and are having great success. They have inspired me to join in.

The Total Wellbeing Diet is high protein, low fat, moderate carbs so I am going to give it a try as low carb is clearly not working and having no plan at all except some hippy conscious eating bollocks is useless.

So in honour of the new diet (Friday is a weird day to start but I am having a well earned day off so why not) I had a somewhat 'carby' protein porridge breakfast.

- 1 egg
- 40g Uncle Tobys Oats
- low carb maple syrup
- dash of milk

I am tracking in Calorie King to keep an eye on the macros and calories. I am hoping that if I am accountable to someone I might get my shit together.

Well, you can only hope ....


  1. Welcome to the CSIRO diet Katiep!

    My naughty post has been pushed down safely out of immediate sight now!

  2. Great Katie!! I'm stoked for you to come along with us- have you got all the resources? otherwise email me and I will do some photocopying and post them to you if you like. Have a great week 1.

  3. I hope you have great success with your new plan Katie!